We offer one of the most competitive and simple pricing structures in the marketplace, particularly given the quality, service and turnaround time that we provide!


Digitizing: $3.99 / 1000 stitches with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $150.

Vector art: $10-$60 depending on complexity.

Special discounts are available for volume orders – please contact us for more details.


Turnaround Time:  Our base price includes 8-hour turnaround time. If your order is extremely urgent, we would be glad to offer 4-hour turnaround, in most case without any additional charges – just tell us it’s super-urgent, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Free Price Estimates: Please send us your logo beforehand to get a free price quote along with a digital picture of what your embroidered logo would look like.


Multiple size logos: We typically price the logo based on the largest size. Smaller ones carry an extra charge of $10. Often for minor size differences, we will not charge you.  Also, we give special discounts for names. If you have a certain target price for any logo, let us know and we’ll attempt to match it.

Second Options: Are provided if: (a) We feel that your logo may not sew out too well - we sometimes draw out some options for you to pick before digitizing: (b) We feel that you’d prefer to pick from two different looks (both which look good to us); (c) We are confused/unclear about your requirements. Please remember: there is never a charge for provision of 2nd options!